The Lone Writer: Shannon Yarbrough

snoopy-good-writing-is-hard-workFor about a year now, I’ve been attending a small local writer’s group once a month at All on the Same Page Bookstore.  There are just three of us who have been regulars from the start, including the bookstore manager.  We’ve now grown to a group of eight just this year, and I must say it’s a nice group.  It sort of reminds me of February House, in that besides two members who are working on memoirs, each of us is very different in writing styles. A few of us have books on the shelf.  AOTSP has a superb indie/local author section when you first walk in the door.

We usually spend the first half of the meeting just discussing whatever topics come up.  There’s usually no real agenda and it’s very laid back, but everyone seems to like it that way.  The second half is usually devoted…

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