Charlotte Howard - Romance Author

Yup, it’s giveaway time.  I recently read a blog from an author who doesn’t believe in giving away full-length novels, and only gives away her shorter works.  While I can understand why she does this (as a writer, we don’t put all that effort into writing 90,000+ words to then just give it away and never make money!), I also think that it’s important to have some giveaways and contests.  It’s not just indie writers who use this tactic to increase publicity, even the bigger names occasionally give away their book – Sandra Brown for instance currently has several books on the Goodreads Giveaway page.  (I’ve even entered for the ones I don’t already own.)  So, with this in mind, I thought I should announce that SEVEN DIRTY WORDS is currently up for a giveaway!

Kim Scott, author of the Ruth Chernock series, is offering readers the chance to…

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