Go, Charlotte!

Charlotte Howard - Romance Author

This idea is completely stolen from Robin Tidwell of Rocking Horse Publishing after she blogged a day in her life.  I thought it was interesting and funny, so decided to let you all have a sneak-peek into my average day too!  Be warned – it’s lengthy.

6.30 – Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.

6.45 – Alarm goes off again.  Hit snooze again.  Kids and dog wake up, join me in bed.  Hide under duvet & pillow.  Husband gets up and starts to organise kids.  I doze.

7.15 – Give up trying to sleep after dog licks my face and the cats start crying for their breakfast.  Check Facebook and like everything.  Check email. Get dressed, make breakfast, tell kids to eat breakfast quickly as we are now running late.  Check email again – surely someone loves me apart from the dead multimillionaire in Africa who wants to leave everything to me…

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