I’ve been saying this for years and years….

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  1. melindaclayton says:

    I’ve been saying it for years too, Robin. It’s a scam, from the institutions to the drug companies. My oldest son and I had a lot of complications during his birth. Afterward, a very nice and honest nurse said, “I can bring you something for pain, which will cost you a lot of money, or your husband can bring you four Ibuprofen from home, which will do the very same thing.” Guess which one I chose!


    • This is why I laugh when they refer to the “cost of healthcare” and how everyone should have insurance – insurance doesn’t pay diddly squat, all it does is line someone else’s pocket. If the government wants to “lower healthcare costs,” they need to actually LOWER the cost, not make insurance available. That merely RAISES the cost to consumers.


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