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As most of you know, we have a project up on Indiegogo. We’re trying to raise funds to expand our publishing house because, truly, the response has been overwhelming! We now have six authors under contract with six more books scheduled for release this year. And several others have expressed interest in having RHP publish their books… we’re still open to submissions.

REDUCED is still one of the top sellers at AOTSP Bookstore, and is keeping pace in online sales.

REUSED is gaining interest and sales are rising.

SEVEN DIRTY WORDS is consistently showing in the top 5% of both Amazon UK and US, and Charlotte Howard is stirring things up her on side of the pond – a BBC interview will be broadcast on Tuesday!

DEBBIE is almost ready for its launch, near the end of March – I’ll have a date for you soon. We’re waiting on the remaining illustrations, then on to cover design. Author Conny Manero has seen a preview of the sketches and loves them – you will too!

RECYCLED is set for late May – just wait until you see what happens with Abby and Alison, and…?

INNspirational Breakfasts, a B&B cookbook, will be out in June, just in time for you to also book a stay at the High Street Victorian B&B in Boonville, Missouri, home of author Kriss Royer. Plus, we have a slew of  West Coast booksellers eager to get their copies!

ELF OFF THE SHELF will be out in August, plenty of time for early Christmas shoppers – I’m telling you, this is FUNNY! Author Jeff Scoggin has a way with verse and a flair for setting the scene.

DICKINSTEIN, by the very talented Shannon Yarbrough, will be released in October – and we have a spooky evening launch planned for this. Can’t wait!

EXCELSIOR, a YA sci-fi book, is being re-released by RHP in late November. George Sirois has incorporated a unique style in his recently published novel, and we’re happy to welcome him to RHP!


9 comments on “Rocking Horse Publishing

  1. Robin, I’m impressed! Congrats!


  2. Sharon says:

    Way to go, busy lady! Congrats!


  3. Fabulous, Robin! I’m saving this – have to have all these books at some point.


  4. Awesome, congrats Robin on all the successes here!


  5. Reblogged this on Charlotte Howard and commented:
    A note from my publisher…


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