Oh, Charlotte – we all understand!

Charlotte Howard - Romance Author

After being stopped several times and hearing people say “I didn’t know you were a writer,” it suddenly struck me that when we read books, we forget that it was written by someone who has a life outside of writing.  Yes, I am a writer.  Yes, I am a published novelist.  Yes, I have been featured on blogs, in the local newspaper and on local radio.  But, I am still a person too!  I am still a mother and a housewife.  I still have bills to pay, floors to clean, and mouths to feed.  It’s very surreal travelling to do a radio broadcast and being treated like a successful author, then returning home and having a cup of tea with my mother-in-law before doing the school run and cooking dinner.

Today, normal life resumed.  I don’t have any more interviews lined up just yet, (although they are being worked on)…

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