RHP Funding

Here’s the deal: it’s crunch time. Down to the wire. Whatever euphemism you care to use, we have got to raise some dollars, folks!

Nearly three weeks ago, I put up a crowd-source funding campaign on Indiegogo. I was asking for $10K. Sure, that’s a lot of money, but the point of crowd-sourcing is that many people can contribute small amounts and goals can still be met.

I promoted the heck out of this campaign; in fact, over 900 people saw this on Facebook alone, and many shared. If all of those folks had donated $10, we’d be 90% funded. As it stands, we’re sitting at $25. Nope, not a typo, no missing zeros.

So what’s the deal? I’ve seen writers get funded who can’t even properly fill out a campaign form; I’ve seen weird stuff get funded, stuff that makes me say “huh?” and shake my head. Stuff like raising $10K to publish ONE book! A children’s book… oh, and the memoir of – wait, not sure who she is, but it’s… strange. $6K for that one. $12K raised to “save” an apple orchard. Another $12K for a nano-brewery. Okay, I could probably get on board for that one…. And you remember the school bus driver? They raised, get this: $760K for her to take a vacation! Wow, that’s some vacation. Not saying she didn’t deserve SOMEthing, but sheesh….

My point is this:

We have just TEN days to raise the money to expand our publishing house. That’s about six additional books that we can publish just this year, doubling our original goal for 2013. Besides that, it will enable us to also hire an assistant because, quite frankly, I’m drowning in both manuscripts and social media. I’ve gotten used to working for free, but I have yet to find an assistant who will do so… I believe someone once said I needed a minion, but they’re rather difficult to locate.

So there you have it: six books in 2013, or twelve. This has some serious potential, peeps, not just for me, but for half a dozen authors who could be published this year alone.



One comment on “RHP Funding

  1. MishaBurnett says:

    Yeah, I tried to raise $5000 to get an audiobook version of Catskinner produced, and I had two people pledge. I think crowdfunding only works if you start with a nationwide platform.


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