You Can Write but You Can’t Edit

The Lone Writer: Shannon Yarbrough

I hate editing.

And I fully admit I’ve done it the wrong way before. Most indie authors have. My first book was not professionally edited. Years ago I would have sympathized with the poor struggling writer who just wants to get his book out there — not anymore!  Today, my advice is that if you don’t invest in anything else, invest in hiring an editor.

Most of us out there are writers – not editors – so we just won’t catch every mistake that a professional editor will. And those of us who are good enough to catch every mistake, hey, I know how you can make some good money at this.  Before I digress…

Today I’m going to tell you how I edit.

My first edit happens as I’m writing.  I may write a chapter one night, and then go back and read it the next night and make…

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