Character Interviews

More about Paige and her “gentlemen” friends…

Charlotte Howard - Romance Author

I’ve never really been one to write character profiles before.  With SEVEN DIRTY WORDS I wrote the story, and then made mini-profiles as I was editing, to ensure there were no gigantic plot holes.  Whilst writing Four Letter Words however, I’ve found it almost necessary to write more extensive profiles for them, particularly for TDS and Matt.  Researching on how to create the best character profile, I found one thing in common – interviews.  Many writers sit down and actually interview their characters.  This may not make sense to some of you – why are you talking to someone who doesn’t exist?  With me, it makes perfect sense.  I’m constantly talking to my characters, which is possibly why people often think I’ve gone mad and started mumbling to myself!  So, I have interviewed my three main characters: Paige, TDS, and Matt.  Here is a sneak peek at the questions I…

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