Tea, Research, Branding, Re-Writing Chapters & Neglected Housework

Charlotte Howard - Romance Author

What a hectic weekend I’ve had!  It started with a four hour journey to Nottingham taking close to seven hours after we were disrupted by roadworks and traffic jams.  The journey home was just as interesting, with the roadworks and traffic jams being coupled with blizzards and flurries.  But finally, we are home after visiting the northern lot.

While I was away, I read Robin Tidwell’s “So you wrote a book: Now what?”  If you are an indie or new author, I would highly recommend you read it.  It’s short and sweet, yet covers pretty much everything you need to consider, including branding yourself as a product.  This got me to thinking about my brand.  I think it’s fairly safe to say that tea is part of my brand.  It features heavily in SEVEN DIRTY WORDS, will be seen throughout Four Letter Words, and will probably make an appearance in…

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