First Review of DEBBIE!

Let me start with telling you a little bit about DEBBIE – the book, not the ferret, although there once was a little ferret, named Debbie, who lived with author Conny Manero and her son. I’ll let her tell you about the real Debbie; click here and read her blog, then hurry and come back!

DEBBIE is a wonderful tale of a ferret who comes to live with Andrew and Charlie, the cat. Approximately 60 pages, with adorable illustrations, this a fantastic book for children – or anyone who wants to learn about having a ferret as a pet!

And today, I’ve got a special treat for you all – DEBBIE will be released in less than two weeks, so naturally we sent it out to a few beta readers. Here’s the very first review of DEBBIE:

“I LOVE the book Debbie! I really like how you go into the world of the ferret and the cat and see all the things they do- watching movies, reading newspapers, even typing blogs! I also like how that when the humans are here, they have to not do these things and act like a cat or ferret, or whatever animal you are, but when the humans are away, the fun begins!”

Joey, age 10

Wasn’t that a great tribute to DEBBIE? And, Joey’s mom told me that he was so excited to learn about ferrets that he kept reading it, and telling her new facts that he learned, for twice his usual reading time!

This is definitely a book you’re gonna want to get for your kids, or grandkids, or even the neighbor kids!

Luckily, you CAN! You can pre-order DEBBIE right here, just CLICK – or you can enter our Goodreads Giveaway and hope that you’re chosen … or, I suppose, you could wait until March 30 – but why? Order DEBBIE today and we’ll ship it out as soon as it arrives!




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