Special Edition from RECYCLED

From Alison’s journal:

“As we approached the Chicago Loop, daylight was soon upon us. Concerned that the government mercenaries would be back on patrol, I led everyone through the rail yard and across the abandoned expressway to a subway station, where we went underground to disappear into the darkness ….

“We were curious as to why the subway tunnel had some lighting … astonished to see stockpiles of food, ammo, and weapons lined in the tunnel and not so shocked when we were soon surrounded by the ‘others’ with ARs pointed at our heads. We knew we had not met the enemy, but rather the rebellion.

“I quickly recognized some of their faces … but weren’t they working for the government, as I once had? Then I realized that they, as had I, turned against CoOpCom and created a new ‘army.’ I announced myself as Captain Hinson and demanded to be taken to their leader.

“After interrogation, I was asked if I was willing to put on my old uniform and work for the rebellion as a spy. Naturally, I insisted that I be paired with Abby.

“He told me that we didn’t have much time … that the president would be in the city soon to be briefed … by Kat.

“Kat … that bitch.

“Absofrickinglutely, I said.”


One comment on “Special Edition from RECYCLED

  1. Alison says:

    Cannot wait to read this next book! So excited!!!


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