How To Edit A Tattoo

How to Edit a Tattoo, Misha Burnett


No, I wasn’t really trying to edit my tattoo–I like what it says.  And, no, I wasn’t trying to end it all.  I believe that since I didn’t create myself, I don’t have the authority to destroy myself.  And anyway, I mostly like being alive.  Besides, my cats would miss me.

No, I was replacing a ballast on a light fixture at work today.  It’s a job I have done thousands of times.  What’s more, I am Mr. Safety at work.  I had the breaker locked off.  I had inspected the ladder and had it set properly.  I had my safety glasses on.  I removed the bulbs and set them to the side.  I tested the line voltage at the ballast, even though I had the breaker locked off.

I did everything right, damnit! 

So what happened?  I dropped the sheet metal ballast cover and tried to catch it, and…

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