Terrible Tip Tuesday: Advice for a Writer’s Loved Ones

Heh. How to live with a writer….


So, your spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend has decided to be a writer? Congratulations and welcome to Hell, <cough> I mean… the glorious opportunity to love and support a creative genius while they work to achieve their dreams of seeing a book in print. You are a lucky man/woman, because not everyone is afforded a chance to live with one of these mercurial, er… whimsical creatures.

6 Things You Should Know about Your Writer:

1) Writers are Territorial– Do not invade the writer’s space while they are working. Doing so can invite bodily harm. Threat index will be significantly elevated if they’re in the middle of revisions or struggling with a certain scene. 

2) Bring Offerings– If you must invade your space writer’s space, bring a fresh cup of coffee or a snack. Such concern for their well-being will remind the writer that you’re there for support and they can’t lob pens…

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4 comments on “Terrible Tip Tuesday: Advice for a Writer’s Loved Ones

  1. Maybe it’s a good thing I live alone?


  2. Thanks for sharing this post 🙂


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