SPECIAL EDITION RECYCLED – Excerpt from Alison’s Journal II

“Yesterday, early in the morning, I went over to Eric and Marta’s camper. We’ve been here a couple days now and I wanted to check things out by myself. It was just the next road over.

“It was pretty much intact, didn’t seem to have been disturbed. Just some weather damage – hell, it’d been a few years since I’d come out this way. Anyhow, I found the freakin’ motherlode! Raced right back to tell everyone.

“But I knew Eric and Marta had hidden things in the woods too… but what? And more importantly, where? I had a lightbulb moment and poked Brad and told him to get off his ass and help me. I had a feeling…”

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2 comments on “SPECIAL EDITION RECYCLED – Excerpt from Alison’s Journal II

  1. I’ll buy both books at the conference or at my book signing in May. Love Alison’s voice.


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