Our Dangerous Fixation With Genres

From Scott….

The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard

Revolutionary SnoopyThe writing world is full of factions.

Each of these factions, have their own heroes (or leaders), their own book clubs, their own book dealers, their own sites, their own rules, their own readers, etc.

Sometimes I like to imagine them as armies, each with their own distinct style and strengths and weaponry.

  • The romance army is nothing more than a collection of men with long flowing hair and amazing abs. There is a good chance that their swords might be a phallic thing though, consider yourself warned.
  • The paranormal army is made up of brooding men who may be vampires… or werewolves… or zombies… or ghosts. Whatever the case, they are dreamy.
  • In the YA ranks you will find confused teenagers with an overwhelming sense of destiny. They will be looking for something and once they find it, watch out.
  • Yes, the scifi army is full of little green…

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One comment on “Our Dangerous Fixation With Genres

  1. I could NOT agree with this article more. Writers should boldly write what they wish to write, and write creatively, their best, and with the individual and unique qualities and voice they each possess.
    Scott D. Southard is bang on. Writers should not concern themselves with ‘satisfying the requirements of a genre’ and turning out ‘bland, dull, and all the same’ so it fits into a genre demanded by publishers.


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