Shutting Up The Muse

Shannon Yarbrough, author of The Other Side of What, Stealing Wishes, Are You Sitting Down, and the upcoming Dickinstein!

The Lone Writer: Shannon Yarbrough

needs_more_boobs____by_vern_argh-d5gcj4zWith a new book coming out in October, what am I supposed to do for the next six months?  Most advice you find online from other writers and readers says you are supposed to get back to work – meaning you should write something else.

Having written two books last year, including Dickinstein which is the book due out in October, I decided to go back and work on the other book I wrote which is a sequel to Stealing Wishes.

You are probably stuck on the fact that I said I wrote two books last year!  Yep, I did.  And I’ve done it before back in 2007 when I wrote Stealing Wishes and then wrote Are You Sitting Down? right after it. SW was published the following year and I sat on AYSD? until 2010 because I didn’t think it was good enough.

Chances are my sequel to…

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