Smokin’ It Up On A Weeknight: Let’s Grill Tonight!

Ink & Embers

Sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly.

When nothing is planned for dinner, but there happens to be a few chicken thighs thawing, or perhaps a couple of pork steaks.

“Do you want to grill?”, she asks.

That’s all the invitation that I need. But tonight, I want something a little different. Maybe it would be a good night to try a new technique. test a new thermometer, to grill a little differently, because I’ve been reading, you know. I’ve been looking to Meathead Goldwyn, and his Amazing Ribs website. No, I’m not thinking of anything specific, but just some grilling principles in general.

So the pork steaks immediately took a bath in a balsamic, olive oil and lemon mixture. The chicken thighs were just as quickly thrown into a saltwater brine, anticipating a spontaneous party with some asian/chinese flavorings, and a good dose of pecan wood smoke.

Pretty good for…

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