Ahem – There IS a Third Book…

Those of you are observant may have noticed, here in the sidebar, that I have a third book published. Of course, you may have just skimmed past it as we all tend to do – shoot, even I’ve mostly forgotten about it!

And, too, I use the words “book” and “published” rather loosely…

“So You Wrote a Book: Now What?” is more of a booklet… then again, it’s priced at just 99 cents. I kind of drew the line at actually giving away my work, but it’s not exactly novel length either, so – 99 cents. And occasionally, it’s free.

Heck yes, I’d love to see a massive increase in downloads today, but that’s not the point. Okay, it is the point, but my main point is this:

Writing is hard work, and every writer wants some kind of pay-off. Maybe you just want to share information or knowledge or a good story with the world – but it’s still a thrill whenever you get a sale, right? Or maybe you’re in it for the money?

When I stop laughing, I’ll get back to you on that…

Sure, you could be the next King or Patterson; more likely, you’ll earn a decent living as a writer or, sadly, not one thin dime. Oh, yes, I had a point, didn’t I?

Once that book is written, and you’ve decided to self-publish or go indie or whatever you want to call it – or, really, even if you have a publisher, large or small – you need to take action. And “So You Wrote a Book” can help you do just that.

The book (booklet) talks about your product, your publicity, your professionalism. Oh, and pricing; wouldn’t want to leave out another “p” word! A lot of this can be found online in seventeen different places – why not have it all handy-dandy on your own computer/device, in just ONE spot?

So go ahead, click the link, buy the book. Er, booklet. Whatever. Just read it, won’t take long, and it might even spark some ideas to get busy on your own promotion and increase those sales!


One comment on “Ahem – There IS a Third Book…

  1. conny1109 says:

    This certainly sounds interesting.


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