Popping in to say hi

From DEBBIE (the ferret!):

Under the Toronto Sun

Debbie 2

Hello everyone, I thought I’d pop in just to say hi.

I was on Amazon today, looking how my book “Debbie” is doing, when I came across a review someone wrote. Wanna see? Here it is …

I’ve always known that my cats were much smarter than their estimated brain size. However, little did I know that when animals get together, they not only live in harmony, but they share notes on us!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the education of ferret Debbie by her wise and savvy mentor, Charlie the cat. Ms. Manero manages to creatively express the inner life of her animal characters in an engaging story that is both fascinating to children and humorous for adults.

I can’t wait to take it to my 8 yr. old granddaughter this summer so that I can listen to her read it to me. I doubt she knows…

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One comment on “Popping in to say hi

  1. Ha, this is cute! “Debbie” is a great book. Your kids will love it!


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