Excerpt from RECYCLED III

Thought I’d just do a brief post today, with another teaser from RECYCLED:

Before the sun rose, they had reached the safe house in Elmhurst. The four of them shared a cubicle in the basement, remodeled for the war that seemed to approaching more rapidly than they’d expected. Abby still didn’t seem quite herself, and Brad was concerned.

“What’s up, Ab? You seem okay with us being here, so what’s going on?”

Abby didn’t answer for a long moment.

“Did you see it, Brad? Riley. It’s… she’s not…”

Hmmm. Wonder what this Riley “is not?” Any ideas? Clues? Guesses?

It won’t be long now, but I will tell you that a good part of this story, the final chapter so to speak, takes place in Chicago. Oh, sure, we’ll be back in St. Louis… and outstate Missouri, but – well, you’re just going to have to read it. J

Pre-orders will open up soon, probably in the next 2-3 weeks, so get ready!



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