What Do I keep In My Bug Out Bag You Ask


What do I keep in my latest iteration of my bug out bag?  Inquiring minds want to know and I’ll be happy to oblige.  My newest bug out bag is a Condor 3 day assault pack in O.D. Green with 7 main compartments and molle attachment points all over the bag.  To this bug out bag I have added 2 molle water bottle holders, 1 molle first aid pouch and 1 molle gear pouch.  The following are the contents which are on or in the entire bag.

  • Non Perishable Food
  • Water in 2 M84 plastic canteens with 2 metal cups and water in a 2.5L Hydration Bladder
  • Complete First Aid Kit including ibuprofin, bandaids, sterile pads, variety of over the counter medicines, pill crusher, nail clipper, cloth tape, various cremes and salves, disinfecting wipes, etc.
  • Multi Vitamins
  • 4 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 3 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs of…

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