Summer fun, procrastination and my obsession with lists

From RHP author Charlotte Howard:

Charlotte Howard - Romance Author

I say this grabbing hold of a piece of literal wood – Summer has reached Somerset. It’s 28°C, the sun is shining, the dog is panting, and my freckles are merging. Summer holidays begin in  T -12 days, and so the list writing as begun. This year I did a brainstorm of things to do with the kids – going to the beach, going for a walk in the forest, swimming, arts & crafts… It’s all on the list of things to do over the 6 weeks they’re off school. It’s all very exciting. But is this because I love spending time with my kids? Well yes, obviously I love my kids and want to spend time with them, but I have to admit that part of it is pure procrastination.

Kane & Ellie’s story is well and truly stuck. Not forever, just for now. I have umpteen first chapters…

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