Recycled – Third in the Series

So I’ve been struggling with this synopsis – I’ve gotten a lot of good advice, and some suggestions, and it’s not finished by any means, but here’s the general idea:


VADER is released by the government as a test, but things go horribly wrong. Abby and her group flee St. Louis and its suburbs to hide out at an abandoned camp and fight to survive. Many are lost, but Abby persists in saving Jules, a small girl, and escapes to a secret cave where she remains hidden for years.


It’s been ten years since Co-opCom unleashed VADER. Abby has kept Jules hidden away in the remote cave, but they’re forced to leave when the military arrives to assassinate them all.

More survivors are discovered in their new location, and a scouting mission into St. Louis reveals an even larger group attempting to subvert the government and reclaim their lives. But children are missing, taken for experimentation purposes, and a rescue plan is made.


Abby is enroute to Chicago with a rescue plan, and one final objective: to defeat the government, to take back her life.

But Jules is focused on another mission, to return to St. Louis, to Mario.

Will Abby succeed? Will Jules survive gang warfare? Who is Riley, and what is her secret?

That said, it’s still a work-in-progress, but will be finished by the end of this week. Yeah, I know, just a couple days…

But here’s some more excitement for RECYCLED:

You can pre-order through my website,, or through RHP at, OR if you’re late to the game, you can get ALL THREE books for just $30 – also on my website!

Plus, the first ten people to order RECYCLED get a special “extra!”

And you can get all your swag over at Café Press, just by clicking here:

So – there you have it: a bunch of stuff to click on, so start clicking! It’s gonna be a great finish to the series!


One comment on “Recycled – Third in the Series

  1. Way to go, Robin! I am deep in a reading list (three-part series) at the moment butI plan to read your books soon! They sound great!


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