People and their pets

From author Conny Manero:

Under the Toronto Sun









People love their pets and when petting and talking about them isn’t enough, they create a webpage for them.

One of those people is Barbara Florio Graham who create a page ( for her cat Terzo on which all kinds of animals can be found. Other than cats and dogs, parrots, rabbits, fish and even kangaroos joined in.

When Barbara heard of “Debbie” she asked if she cared to join. Along with a picture of Debbie, I also send her snapshots of Chanel, Charlotte, Mickey, Gabriel and Zippy.

In addition to displaying pictures of my fury family, Barbara kindly agree to include “Debbie” in her list of books.

She stated that, even though the main character in “Debbie” is a ferret, the secondary character is a cat, which qualified “Debbie” to be included on the cat book page.

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