It’s TODAY! Woot!

From 1:00-3:00 p.m., I’ll be up at the bookstore signing copies of ALL THREE books – we’ll have refreshments, door prizes, and specials! Stop in and say hello – and, well, buy the damn book. Books. Whatever!

I should mention, too, that there are few “extras” in the back of RECYCLED. You may have seen them here, or not, but now they come with the book!

Oh, and for the first, um 10 or folks who buy RECYCLED, you get ONE MORE surprise! Yay!

Pretty sure I used up my quota of exclamation marks for the entire week, so, yeah – stop in today at All on the Same Page Bookstore! (oops, one more)


The population was REDUCED.

But some were REUSED.

And now, RECYCLED:

Abby is enroute to Chicago to find the children, and she has one final objective: to defeat the government and take back her life.

But Jules is focused on another mission, to return to St. Louis, and to Mario.

Will Abby succeed? Will Jules survive gang warfare? Who is Riley, and what is her secret?



2 comments on “RECYCLED BOOK LAUNCH!

  1. I hope today is wonderfully successful!


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