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As anyone who knows me probably already knows I’m a bit of a Harry Potter trainspotter. But one of thinks that always irked me at Hogwarts was that Harry and his friends had an entirely magical curriculum. 

Where was the math and the literature. What if the students wanted to learn a foreign language (Gobblygook, anyone)? How about art or music?

That’s why when I created my own magical institute in P.A.W.S. I set up that Miri and her friends had to attend “regular” classes in the morning with Professor Ainsworth (an Animagus owl). Of course when you come from a magical background like Ainsworth no class can be entirely unmagical. So here’s where you come in.

In my new book Miri is in a science class filling out a worksheet on the periodic table of elements. All the regular elements are there, but there are also some “ancient magical…

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