Why Prep?

A lot of people think that preppers are crazy. Nuts. Over the edge. Some probably are, just like the population in general. But most of us are pretty normal. Whatever that is.

Reasons to prep:


Apocalyptic event

Economic collapse



Let’s take a look at these: zombies? Um, yeah, these are the crazy people if you go by a strict definition of “zombie.” You know, like in the movies. If you base your definition on “stupid sheeple,” you might be on to something…

Apocalyptic event: this could be almost anything that causes chaos, like a giant asteroid that doesn’t immediately kill us all, or the Rapture, if you believe in that sort of thing and if you do, you probably don’t think that YOU are going be left behind, so…

Economic collapse: certainly more like that the first two scenarios. Look at Greece. And other countries where SHTF, economically speaking. Yeah. Good possibility.

Riots/crime: these things go hand-in-hand with all the reasons, ‘cause, you know. People need stuff. People want stuff. Some people HAVE stuff.

Emergency/disaster: here we go. THIS is why a lot of preppers prep.

Big ones, little ones, doesn’t matter. Sometimes you’re going to need an extra stash or supply of something.

For example, last week a water main broke in our yard. We had a little notice – geyser shooting up three feet in the side yard – and we knew it would last at least several hours or so. We filled up buckets for the animals to drink, to water plants, to flush the toilet. Pulled out a case of bottled water for drinking and cooking, stuck a few in the freezer, and we were good to go.

Sure, with no bottled water we could have still survived, but even if I hadn’t used a few of those, I still had – at hand, which means I could quickly find them – clean gallon jugs to fill. Just in case. Likewise, if a power line goes down or I forget to pay the electric bill or, more likely, I can’t afford to pay the damn bill, we’ll still be okay. Tons of firewood, a propane grill, a gas stove that can be lit with matches since the electric starter will be out.

It’s the little things that count. No mad dash anywhere, no panic with the water off for a few hours. Or the electric, if it came to that. No worries about cooking dinner that evening, either. Of course, no good excuse to go to a restaurant either, like many of my neighbors.

It’s a good trade-off. A lot less stressful to be ready for… whatever. Like Nana used to say, get ready for the worst, then you can forget about it. Until it happens.

4 comments on “Why Prep?

  1. boredlandia says:

    Quick thinking, I think that’s what you need. Prepping just means you’re a natural born panicker and it allows you in the moment of crisis to realize you missed the most important thing – your brain. Nothing fixes that!

    Fab blog! I’m a new blogger just running around blog city meeting one awesome writer a time.


    • Thanks! But I’d have to disagree with the “natural born panicker” part. If you’re prepared, you don’t have to panic. It’s a simple matter of thinking what you might need, having it at hand, then you can forget about it.


    • boredlandia says:

      I suppose you’re right. I was merely picking on a friend of mine who panics in any situation 🙂


  2. rmactsc says:

    Excellent post as always. It’s nice to see that prepping has finally gone mainstream 🙂


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