For Love of Words

For Love of Words

Dacia Wilkinson

257 pages

Chosen Services Publishing


Available at All on the Same Page Bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

“At thirty-five years old, Alison Draper returns home to the small community where she grew up in hopes of finding inspiration to finish her master’s thesis in education. Planning to draw motivation from the serene landscapes and colorful, homespun inhabitants of her childhood, she has no topic in mind at all. Procrastinating on a decision, on even beginning her research, she chooses instead to enter the small bookshop on the edge of town, hoping to find an intriguing novel to sweep her into a distant land. What she finds instead is a handsome man with graying hair, wearing a velvet dinner jacket, who will forever alter the course of her life, unearthing traditions, secrets, and enduring romance as he leads her into the discovery of herself.”

This book is pure Dacia Wilkinson, start to finish. As always, her impeccable style and flair for description send the reader deep into the hearts of her characters. She’ll make you smile, and cry, as she takes you on a journey of love, life, and destiny.


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