Time Flies By – Melanie Whithaus

So the time has come for my last blog post here at Rocking Horse Publishing, and soon I will be back on my way to Cape Girardeau. My senior of college at SEMO. Things just got intense, guys. It’s so hard to believe that I’ve been a college student for the past three years and will be graduating in less than a year. I just have one more school year to go before I go into the real world, or hopefully grad school as I’ve mentioned a few times before. But I have a feeling that my senior year is going to be my most stressful year of all. I plan on getting a second job at a bookstore alongside my university job, plus 15 credit hours of classes. I’ve honestly never had a “real world” job and I’m a bit nervous to work outside my comfort zone. But I have faith that it will all run smoothly.

My reasoning for a getting a second job is so I can afford to live on my own come grad school. Currently I am applying to eight grad schools: 2 in New York, 2 in Missouri, 2 in Chicago, along with 1 in Mississippi and Maryland. My two dream schools are NYU and Columbia College Chicago, but more than likely, I will be going to UMSL.

But if I know I’m going to UMSL, why am I applying to 8 schools in total? I think it’s pride and to prove to myself that I could be good enough to get into the harder colleges. I don’t want to be thinking “What if I had applied to my dream school? Would I have gotten in?” ten years from now. I’m in a place in my life where “what if’s” aren’t an option. I’m determined to do my best. And also, my advisor has so much faith in me and believes that I will go far, and without her motivation, I don’t think I would even be applying to any schools outside of the St. Louis area.

My dream of going to NY started about a year ago when my family went to visit the city on a family vacation. I fell in love instantly. Everything about the city blew my mind. I couldn’t contain how many emotions were flowing through my body. I wanted to write an entire novel about my experiences because I was that inspired by the city. I also fell in love with the area where NYU’s campus is located: right in the heart of Greenwich Village where so many famous artists and musicians began their own careers.

Yet of course, reality can get in the way of our dreams, financially and realistically. Will I attend school in NY or Chicago? Probably not. Can I dream about it? Yes, of course. But since last summer, my dad has always told me that if I’m destined to be in NY, I’ll make it one way or another. Whether it be grad school, or getting a job there, or simply visiting, I know I’ll find my way back there.

My senior year at SEMO will be a hectic, but exciting year. I’m excited for all the opportunities that are in my near and distant future. Whether I make it to NY next year or not, I know life will be a hell of a ride. But before I sign off for the final time this summer, I wanted to just thank Robin, Dennis, and Rachel for everything. It’s been a wonderful summer. See you around.




One comment on “Time Flies By – Melanie Whithaus

  1. Good luck in your senior year and beyond! I’m sure you will do well and end up in NY one way or another.


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