Prep Monday – Cash and Credit

What happens to money when SHTF?

Credit cards will likely be useless. Cash might disappear completely. And access to it could be very, very limited.

Let’s think about this: if the grid goes down, you can’t swipe a card, either credit or debit; of course, you also can’t pump gas at the station or probably purchase much of anything at a store. And that’s assuming there’s anything left to purchase – not to mention assuming the electric doors could actually open to let you come inside.

Anyone watching Under the Dome? Yeah, kind of like that, except most places in the cities and urban/suburban areas don’t have back-up generators. Or tons of propane lying around.

Let’s assume that you’re able to enter a store, and they have food or other products available – you better have cash. They’re not going to take plastic, even if they do it manually, because, as we all know, that’s not real money – it’s just “on paper” so to speak. Uploading aside, there’s no way for the business to retrieve that electronic money.

And if you run out of cash? Can’t go to the neighborhood ATM. Electricity, baby! It’s there, theoretically, but you can’t get to it – just like a credit card.

Two things: cash and trade.

Have a stock of cash. Or change. Or gold, or silver, or whatever the market is calling for at that particular time. Hedge your bets – have some of each. But do keep in mind weight and storage.

And for heaven’s sake, don’t TELL anyone! SHTF aside, there are still criminals around right now, as we speak. It’s likely to get worse.

Good trade items include matches, cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate, batteries. Small things. Portable things. Easily hidden items. Remember, value and availability dictate the market. Some things will be more scarce, some more needed, and some simply wanted – it all depends on the individuals with whom you’re dealing at that particular time.

Be prepared. Be ready.


3 comments on “Prep Monday – Cash and Credit

  1. rmactsc says:

    Everyone should have between $100.00 and $500.00 in singles stashed for emergencies as described in Robin’s post.


  2. Sensible thinking, good article Robin.
    Short term I firmly believe folding money will rule and I’m not exactly convinced precious metals are viable despite some survivalist forums pushing it as the answer. Not being “rich”, barter is what I’m banking on. That and my two skilled hands for hire.


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