Fabulous Fridays-What I did over summer vacation

Author/ Writer Julie Young

Most people have a favorite year in their lives…mine was 1986. I graduated from the eighth grade. I was 13. I went to my first rock concert by myself (and a few friends…but no parents, making it a totally awesome experience.) I fell “in love” for the first time, got mono and had an incredible summer trying to find loopholes in my convalescence program.

However, 2013 blew 1986 right out of the water. Somehow I knew it would. The number 13 has always been magical for me so if the summer I was 13 was special…surely any summer with the number 13 would be even more so, right? Even though it seemed shorter as far as summers go, I can’t believe the incredible things I was able to pack in. So today class, I am going to use my Fabulous Fridays post to talk about “What I did over Summer…

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