Prep Monday – A To-Do List

Prep Monday – A To-Do List

Come on, ya’ll knew I’d make a to-do list for this too, right?

It occurred to me that, while we have quite a few supplies laid by and know what we’ll do when SHTF, that none of these things matter unless we’re practiced and prepared to move – to take action, to follow through, you know the drill.

First, I’ll start with before it all goes down:

  1. “Stuff” is in one spot, with an updated inventory.
  2. Weapons, etc. are in another spot.
  3. We have a truck, and extra fuel.
  4. We know where we’re going – and if that isn’t possible, we have emergency instructions and maps to go elsewhere.

Next, we need a plan if SHTF decides to happen on any day besides Sunday, when we’re all together. And “the others” need to know where to go if they aren’t here that day. So, odds being what they are, that’s six days of the week where our immediate family will be scattered. Who knows about the others, which means they need to know the meeting spot and have a code word to make sure this IS SHTF and it’s time to GOOD.

  1. Whoever is at home or closest will grab the weapons and secure the house
  2. Whoever has the truck will immediately stop whatever else he or she is involved in and high-tail it home. Whoever has the car will do likewise. Parent closest to school picks up the kid.
  3. Truck loaded, everyone out.

Sure, it will take time. Maybe forty minutes, tops. Can’t be helped. Not like we can sit around waiting for it all to go down, right? We, like you all, have jobs, school, lives, etc.

But the point is that there IS a plan, and since we’re prepared, both mentally and with supplies at hand, it’s more like taking a fast camping trip. A really fast one!

And sure, we practice. Not necessarily the load-it-all-up-and-go, but the rest of it, yes. You can too:

Designate which person is where at the time of SHTF – change this up now and again, so you can prepare for any eventuality. (Practice, too, for other variables, like traffic and general panic and accidents. Know when you should leave, when you should wait for others.)

Note the time. Yell “GO!”

Those who have to drive to arrive at home must first wait and do nothing during that “drive time;” whoever is at home, swings into action. Others “arrive” and the task is completed. See how long it takes.

Once in a while, depends entirely on you, take a practice run to your bug-out destination. Try different routes. Be aware of changes – ownership, construction on roads and neighboring properties, improvements, etc. can all turn out to be surprises. Bad ones.

To sum it all up, it doesn’t make much difference if you have a pantry full of food and a garage with your gear and other supplies if you don’t A) have a place to go and B) a method of transport. And if you run around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to GOOD without practice, you’re going to forget at least half of what you need.

Remember those fire and tornado drills in school? Yeah, they still do those – in schools. Some families do them at home, too, but we never did. You probably didn’t either, but now might be a good time to start having SHTF drills.


3 comments on “Prep Monday – A To-Do List

  1. We carry out drills like you do with two tiny changes.
    We have a small dice and on it is six different “tilts”.
    For example:-
    A car fails, you cannot reach the kids, one of you is ill, no electricity, Police block off roads, it’s now a CBRN event.
    All decided at the drop of the dice.

    The second change is the time of day.
    Try rousing the household at 4am to no lights and bugging out.
    You’ll find it’s “fun” dealing with sleepy kids and using torches.


  2. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Some good ideas to add to your daily thinking. We are standing on the verge of a fight in Syria – that obviously we can win, if it were just Syria and the United States. But there are other players like Russia, China, Iran – who have nuclear weapons and won’t hesitate to use them if they find they are losing. Be prepared. Know what you’re doing, where you’re at and how to get safe. Situational Awareness. Pay attention to the news from now on out. Escalation is happening, even if you’re not seeing it. God Bless American. God Bless everyone reading my blog.


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