Prep Monday – on Tuesday

Yeah, yeah, I’m running behind. Shocker, yes? Ha.

I had a topic, but it will have to wait for another time since I didn’t have a chance to finish my research and besides, I’m in a hurry to get this posted before I forget. Again.

With all the news of the Colorado floods, I decided to mention, once more, how important prepping is for EVERYone.  I have family out there, my mom and her husband live in a small mountain town that was almost completely cut off from everywhere else. They were evacuating folks in choppers – heh – and the local Safeway, fortunately, got in a delivery after a couple days. Mom said she had to run down there and see if they had jugs of water.

I, of course, pointed out that, if she’d stocked up on a few things, she wouldn’t have to worry or even to go out and try to navigate closed roads, traffic, mud, and, well, water. I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures online.

Besides regular, basic supplies running low, there was no landline service OR cell phone coverage for three or four days. None. Nada. Once in a while, someone could get a call through inside the town itself, but nothing to the outside. One road open, and being it’s September, that could close at any time – due to snow.

Now, we all don’t or can’t keep walkies or shortwave radios around, but it’s definitely something to consider. Oddly, the town had Internet access, so email was working . But communication, timely communication, is key.

Most of us don’t live in areas that could or would be completely cut off from civilization, but you might want to reconsider that – after all, half a dozen roads out there were covered with water or had collapsed. That’s ALL of them. You wouldn’t think, say, here in St. Louis, that all the bridges over the Mississippi or Missouri rivers would be closed at the same time, or that all the major highways would collapse. Probably not.

But isn’t it better, and less stressful in the long run, in a just-in-case way, to be ready? To have alternate methods of communication, to have basic necessities for a few days? The point is that basic stuff should be at-hand all the time – in case of flood, fire, or collapse.

People always seem to think that it won’t happen to them, or that, if it does, things will just magically work out. I hope it does work out. But if not, well, there’s prepping.



2 comments on “Prep Monday – on Tuesday

  1. Glad your Mum’s OK. Something tells me might listen to you now.

    We live just 10 m AMSL.
    All our plans are built round that.
    As for others round us?
    They don’t think it’ll ever happen to them.


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