The Darkness is Here!



I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to be publishing Michael Chulsky’s debut novel, The Descending Darkness! In spite of a glitch or two, or ten, we’re thrilled with our new printer and NEW distribution system – but the best part is this book.

The Descending Darkness, or TDD as it’s known around the office, has an amazing cover and a fantastic story inside:

After going from demon hunter to babysitter, seventeen-year-old SHADOW has truly hit rock bottom. One week he’s slaughtering demons, and the next he has ten super-powered teenagers in his care. Shadow needs them, because without them he can’t hope to defeat his new foe. But he’s never dealt with other teenagers before. He never had a real childhood. He’s always been a loner. Hell, he’s tried the whole having-a-pet thing. It died. Shadow’s mission: save the world and ensure his entire team survives the potential apocalypse. If MAEDARA, self-proclaimed fashionista and Queen of Evil, wasn’t trying to rule the world, it’d be cake. Now, not only does Shadow have to deal with teens more concerned with going to the mall than fighting evil, but also a villain who, in his opinion, makes Lady Gaga look like Mother Theresa.

That’s Maedara on the cover, by the way .  .  .

So, tomorrow is the official launch, but you can pre-order via the RHP website or through AZ or BN. Michael is starting a HUGE blog tour, too, and is planning events around the country. This is one book you MUST read – it’s way cool, even for old folks, but especially for the YA crowd. I mean, who WOULDN’T want superpowers??

And, on the remote chance that this maybe isn’t your thing, RHP will be doing a cover reveal some time next week for our very first anthology:

Spirits of St. Louis: Missouri Ghost Stories.




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