October in the Bookstore

That’s a pretty lame title, and I hope you won’t hold it against me because –

Well, we have a LOT of stuff happening this month!

To start off, ALL week long we have 10% off local authors’ books – and that includes local publishers – AND you can register to win a Kobo E-reader. Just stop in today, tomorrow, or Saturday!

Speaking of Saturday, THAT is our big anniversary celebration! Yep, two years ago, October 1, 2011, Al Hrabosky and Tom Mee were there for our ribbon cutting. The eight weeks leading up to that, after we decided to open a bookstore, were pretty hectic but totally worth it!

So, anyway, on Saturday, noon to 4:00, we’re having refreshments, giveaways, and a drawing for that FREE Kobo – AND, we’re hosting the Deadly Duo with their two new books! Bill and Sharon Hopkins will be in town presenting River Mourn and Killertrust – you do NOT want to miss this!

We’re also having Liz Schulte in the store on October 12, and Jo Hiestand and Estelle Luttrell on October 19. Great authors, fantastic books!

Coming October 26, we’re having a Halloween party! But not just ANY Halloween party – Rocking Horse Publishing is launching a new book: Dickinstein. Food, fun, and absolute CROWDS are expected – live music, too, thanks to Davey Vaughn of This is Our Dance, an awesome local band!

Now that I’ve used up my allotment of exclamation marks for the foreseeable future, come take a look at our Facebook page and website and see everything we have to offer at All on the Same Page!



6 comments on “October in the Bookstore

  1. Guess it’s time to make my way over and finally pick up Cannibal Hearts. Will try to pop in tomorrow.


  2. Reblogged this on The Lone Writer: Shannon Yarbrough and commented:
    October is here! Emily is coming! Check out everything going on this month at All On The Same Page Bookstore!


  3. Here’s hoping the weather is beautiful and the turnout overflows the store!


  4. Reblogged this on Marilyn Slagel and commented:
    Congratulations to Dennis and Robin Tidwell on the second anniversary of their bookstore. If you are a writer/author, I encourage you to get to know the people at your local bookstore. Even though AOTSP is just over an hour’s drive for me, I consider it my local store. You may wonder how to get an “in” with a store or a publisher. You have to make it happen. Robin and I met on FB through mutual friends, Bill and Sharon Hopkins, whom I met at the first writers’ conference I attended in St. Louis. With the FB connection, I made an effort to drive to St. Louis one afternoon to the bookstore specifically to meet Robin. That was over a year ago and my book now proudly sits in the local authors section in the front of her store. I’m thrilled to be able to drive down tomorrow and be part of the anniversary celebration. Do you have a similar story?


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