New Faces at AOTSP and Rocking Horse Publishing

As many of you know, Dennis had to go back to his day job a couple of months ago – those pesky bills and all, right? And I’ve been working up here at the store. It got really difficult, really fast, to juggle all those balls, so we hired our son, Carson, to work evenings.

He’s doing a great job, learning retail, interacting with customers, taking initiative. Be sure to stop by some evening and say hi!

Starting next month, Becky Kreienkamp will be joining us at the store too – she’ll be working at least one Saturday a month, maybe the occasional Monday or another day. I might actually have a five-day week now and again.

But what’s really exciting, is that Becky is ALSO the new publisher’s assistant for RHP!

Becky is a graduate of Lutheran South, here in St. Louis, and Truman State University. Naturally, she’s an English major, and she wants to be an author, a bookseller, and a publisher!

How lucky am I?

She’s going to be working closely with me, going over submissions, making recommendations, assisting with publicity and promo and marketing; she’ll also be learning formatting and doing some content and copyediting.

We have a lot of plans here at RHP. . .


One comment on “New Faces at AOTSP and Rocking Horse Publishing

  1. Wonderful! Exciting times, Robin! Welcome to Becky and Carson “: )


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