Prep Monday – Checking the List

Remember that big experiment I was going to do last week during the “simulation?” Yeah. That. I kind of forgot . . . good thing it wasn’t for real!

Things have been so busy lately that my prepping has fallen a bit by the wayside. Not too much, we’re pretty well set, but it’s definitely time to go back through the supplies and add and subtract and rotate and make a list for re-stocking.

In fact, this is something that I recommend everyone do on a monthly basis. I know how it can be – you pick up a few things here, a few things there, on a regular grocery trip and pretty soon you have no idea what you have or what you might need. Sure, it’s easy to tell you to add these things to the list as soon as you store them, but we all know that doesn’t always happen.

Kind of like changing your smoke detector batteries twice a year. Only for this, I think monthly is better because you can be sure to rotate and, if SHTF, you won’t be stuck eating just tomato sauce. For example. I’d NEVER have way too much tomato sauce . . . ha.

Another thing I can’t emphasize enough is practice. Practice loading your BOV. Practice gathering everyone together. Practice the drive to your bug-out shelter, or practice securing your home and following your plan. For example, whenever your change those smoke detector batteries!



2 comments on “Prep Monday – Checking the List

  1. This is VERY sound advice for any prep work. The 3 R’s are are of prime important, Replace, Replenish, and Re-evaluate supplies and adjust plans regularly as necessary. “:)


  2. Funny smoke detectors. Ours get tested four times a YEAR by pressing the test button. when the batteries run low they all “beep” incessantly until you change the cells. Good quality power packs lasting 2 years.
    Now the funny. Last drill we held, took 2 hours (to find the car keys).
    Someone (aka ME) had left them in the truck lock. Ooops.


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