Gee, I Don’t Know . . .

Kinda feel like we have a really awful disease and everyone is gathered ‘round to weep and wail, choosing their outfits for the funeral, planning the wake.

I’m not opposed to a wake, mind you, in its proper time.

We’re still here! And it’s business as usual until February 1st. We still have great books, we still have local authors on the shelves – 130+ – and we have events booked for several weeks.

And we’re still hoping for a miracle.

If that doesn’t happen, and no, it doesn’t look good, THEN we’ll start marking down and moving stuff out the door. THEN. Not NOW.

When I said that *I* wouldn’t do a crowd funding campaign, it didn’t mean that I’m not doing everything I can to avoid closing up shop. I simply think these things have been done in STL, re bookstores at least, a whole heck of a lot in the past six months. Three of them come to mind, in fact.

So, as I said, business as usual until – or if? – the end actually does arrive. Local authors, you are certainly free to pick up your books at any time, as you always have been able to do, but I hope you’ll give us a bit more of a chance. Sold two of your books yesterday, actually. That’s a lot of books that can travel out the door before February 1st!


7 comments on “Gee, I Don’t Know . . .

  1. It’s natural for people to feel bad for you and offer their sympathies when the inevitable is that it sounds like the store will close. Just making an announcement that you are considering closure obviously raises a lot of questions with authors who have books on the shelves. Will I get paid? Should I pick up my books and get them out of your way? No one dresses for a funeral without having first read an obituary. 🙂


    • I get that, but no obit posted yet! I merely said “IF” things don’t change, we’ll START closing Feb. 1. As I said on FB, I appreciate the comments and well-wishes, and actually, only two authors mentioned getting their books right away… Plus, I said I’d keep them all updated… 🙂


  2. Dawn says:

    Oh Robin, I am sorry to hear this! I wish I lived closer to buy books in your store.


  3. Marcia Gaye says:

    Rats. Sad news. But … that miracle could happen or you’ll be freed up to pursue other worthy projects. Like others have commented, I’d buy the whole shebang if I could. I’m sure that doesn’t help! Anyway, I’ll leave my books there as long as possible. Blessings to you.


  4. Good re. the clarification, methinks…..Ah, Robin, life is what happens, so there’s no weeping and wailing here, just echoes of gnashing of teeth in the distance….. I have to wonder what the owner do with the building? Leave it empty, earning absolutely nothing but a big tax bill? Times are tough, maybe he’d consider renegotiating a lease, just thinking out loud…. “:)
    Regardless, we authors are with you “:)


  5. Evelyn Sciarratta says:

    I thought you were closing your doors right away. I just thought it would help you with clearing out the bookstore if I picked up the remainder of my books….less books for you to worry about. I will pick them up only when you give me notice. I will pray that things turn around in your favor. You are a great person to do business with as is your husband Dennis.


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