Bookstore Wednesday – Repeat

I’m a little cranky this morning. Maybe a lot cranky. Things aren’t going well at the store, but hey – we got some press coverage! Sort of. I mean, not to complain (or maybe I am), but we’ve been virtually ignored for two and a half years until now, when the axe starts to fall. The last few days, we seem to be all over the Internet.

We began carrying local authors’ books when almost no other bookstore would do that – we have more than 130 local authors’ books on our WALL. We started with just one shelf . . .

When we said, a couple weeks ago, that if things didn’t turn around we’d START closing out stock at the end of the month, we literally had more “can I come pick up my books” than we did “is there anything I can do” messages.

Not that I’m picking on authors – I am one, after all. We’ve had customers, regulars, who march in and ask for particular books AFTER reading our “for sale” sign and stand at the counter and stare at our membership plan and say not a single word. Nothing.

The phone is ringing off the hook, usually distributors, who want to know if we have any returns planned. Or what day we’re closing.

Sheesh, people! We still have a few days!

Okay, that sounded lame, even to me. Not gonna happen. I know that. But let’s wait until the formal announcement until we write the obit, okay?

And to those of you who HAVE helped us out – you have our eternal gratitude. Really, I mean that – it was pretty amazing!

It’s come down to this: IF All on the Same Page Bookstore is to remain open, we need to get some cash. So we’ve come up with a novel (ahem) approach: [which you can read about at the link]


It’s simple, really: you purchase one of these memberships, avail yourself of all the perks, and we get to stay open! In effect, you’re paying for your books in advance.

Like I said before, crowd funding websites and their programs have been done to death around here this year, but this is something a bit different. You’re getting actual value for your money, besides the helping out part, instead of just a t-shirt or a coffee mug or whatnot.

See, every small business has its ups and downs, and most end up closing because of cash flow problems – if they could hang on a bit longer, and/or have more operating capital to continue and to grow, they could last long enough to develop a real following, a larger customer base.

And that’s our plan. We can do it, with your assistance – and how cool would it be to say, “Yeah, I belong to a bookstore!”

And, if you’re still with us here, we’re also holding a NOT-a-Raffle!



2 comments on “Bookstore Wednesday – Repeat

  1. I hate to see this and really wish I could help. It’s that damned White Knight! He still hasn’t shown up to shower me with the good life and tons of money and free time. All his fault!


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