365 of Me: 33/333 (Good-bye to All On The Same Page Bookstore)

The Lone Writer: Shannon Yarbrough


Today is a bittersweet photo that I snapped yesterday at my favorite little indie bookstore here in St. Louis: All On The Same Page Bookstore, owned and operated by Robin and Dennis Tidwell. Sadly, the bookstore is going out of business.

I first visited the bookstore two years ago on its opening day to write a review about it for a blog I ran at the time devoted to St. Louis bookstores. My plan was to visit every bookstore in the St. Louis area and write a review about them.

I closed the blog down back around the time that Borders Books went under because updating the blog with all the store closures was too depressing.  One of the perks to my reviews was that I would report on the customer service level of the stores: I would only buy something at the store if an employee spoke to me…

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2 comments on “365 of Me: 33/333 (Good-bye to All On The Same Page Bookstore)

  1. jackie says:

    Perhaps robin’s efforts will be reborn into something new!


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