From RHP – Water Under the Bridge

Coming this Tuesday, we’re releasing the BRAND NEW novel by Verna Simms!


You can order your own copy by clicking the cover, or you can stop by Books Galore in Festus, Missouri and meet Verna on Saturday, February 15th! She’ll be there from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and she’ll be happy to sign your copy then . . .

“Late in the fall of 1918, two neatly dressed young men knocked on a farmhouse kitchen door. Chester Hall invited them in. These missionaries stayed two weeks with the family in rural Missouri, during which time they explained the mysteries of Joseph Smith—telling of the tablets of gold on which the Book of Mormon had been written, and of a new Church that thrived in the western states.

“Within three years, the Hall family had packed up and moved to Mesa, Arizona, adding a fourth child along the way: Amelia. This is her story.

“At age six, as Amelia starts school for the very first time, she realizes something about her papa, something she can’t quite comprehend. But by the age of nine, as her family withstands both the Great Depression and their patriarch’s increasing religious fervor, Amelia begins to understand the danger faced by she and her sister.”

All About Verna:

Verna Simms was born and lived the first year of her life in an old, abandoned garage in Arizona. At age eighty, Verna joined the Jefferson County Writers’ Society and began writing seriously—thus fulfilling a lifelong dream. She has been published in magazines, anthologies, and has a column in the local newspaper —The Leader. She owes her success to the Jefferson County Writers’ Society and says when she autographs her first few books and hands them to those who have  helped her most, she will have accomplished her goal. Her old age would have been dull without this new venture to keep her mind active.

And – she’ll celebrate her 93rd birthday in April!

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