Prep Monday/Tuesday/Whatever—Spring!

Okay, perhaps I’m jumping the gun a bit here, but in the next couple days it’s supposed to hit 50 degrees, and then—up to 60! CanNOT wait!

My garage is a mess—time to clean up and reorganize my supplies. And get rid of “stuff.”

My inside cabinets need to be checked against my list; I know for sure that I’ve used a few things over the last month or so. Yes, even since my last list!

And the woodlot? Yikes. Still have stuff to chip, not to mention chop.

The gardens are a wreck, but it’s almost time to fertilize and till. At least, whenever this damn snow finally melts which, according to the forecast (bwhahahahaha!) will be in just a few days. Right now, the only things poking out of the ground/snow are those little yellow flags for the water company while they work on the main here on our street.

I guess it’s SOME color . . .

And, too, we’re having to re-do the inside of the house, because we’re moving a lot of stuff back in from the bookstore. Sigh. It’s always something.

But I’m getting excited! It’ll be great to be doing something productive, instead of staring outside and the flippin’ snow. Like everyone else, I’m SO OVER winter!




4 comments on “Prep Monday/Tuesday/Whatever—Spring!

  1. As long as you can see SOME color and the sun is shining, there’s always hope, Robin , you summed it up well “:)


  2. Hey, watch what you say about Christmas decorations. I’ve been so sick of this weather I still have some up. Must change the flags outside this week. My garage will also get some straightening.


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