Prep Monday—Storage

I’m back! Sorry about the lack of posts lately—we’re been swamped closing up our bookstore. Trust me, it’s MUCH harder to close a business than to open one!

So, prepping. It’s spring, and our garage is a wreck—more so with thousands of books and bookshelves added over the last two weekends—but I do have some exciting news:

I have shelf space! Ha.

Bet you all thought I was like super-organized and everything, but honestly, my supplies were stacked on the pingpong table. Boxed, categorized, yes; but not particularly easy to get to. So now I have a new project, to get those shelves straightened up!

Prepping is a multi-faceted proposition:

First, you have to have the necessary supplies; second, you have to know what to do with them; and third, you have to be able to access them. Skip any one of these, and you’re in hot water.

We all know about bugging-in versus bugging-out, right? Well, here’s the difference regarding storage:

If you stay, you’ll have to protect your supplies. If you don’t know where everything is, you could be missing something crucial and not even realize it until it became a dire necessity. If you leave, you need to be able to grab everything in a hurry—probably—and so you have to be able to find it and get to it. Fast.

Oh, and I’ll take a picture, but not today. I’m too embarrassed about the condition of the REST of the garage!

10 comments on “Prep Monday—Storage

  1. davidworkman says:

    So, I take it the car isn’t snuggled in there, too.


  2. I’m not putting up any pix of my garage.


  3. I finished Reused, need Recycled, please. send me FB PM or email with $$ providing you can send me one. Thanks!


  4. I know the feeling, Robin…. I have less than half of my garage to actually use; the rest is storage. Solution: a real storage building at least as big “:)


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