RHP—NOT WW—Promo and Marketing

So, sometimes I’m kind of an idiot.

The most recent Writer Wednesday opened up to questions/comments by readers on how to promote their work; a kind of freebie helping hand, so to speak.

And I reference the past week’s WW, which of course it was not—it was the Friday RHP blog post!

Well, for your viewing pleasure, again, and my apologies:

Last week’s WW was so successful, that I decided to open up the comments to questions about book marketing:

Specifically, what do YOU need help doing, to get the word out?

And if you haven’t yet read my marketing book on Kindle, you can still get it for just 99 cents—through Saturday. After that, it goes offline until next month when the new expanded edition will be released.

So, comment below, in detail, and let’s get the ball rolling!

As an aside, I’d also like to mention that I was on STL Live! yesterday, so if you missed the link, here it is:



3 comments on “RHP—NOT WW—Promo and Marketing

  1. authormjlogan says:

    They are loading segments in front of yours Robin. Your video is on this URL.


  2. authormjlogan says:

    well I tried, guess you can’t bypass the timeline.


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