Prep Monday—Sell, Sell, Sell!

We have a lot of stuff. A lot. Moving it is not fun at all—I know, been there, done that. Many times. We’ve been married 17 years and we’ve moved eight times, not counting a few hotels we stayed in while houses were being finished/made ready.

At the moment, we’re looking at building a tiny house, with some outside storage for things like supplies, weapons, fuel, tools, etc., and so we won’t be able to take much with us. Currently, we have an 1800+ square foot home, three-car garage (not as fancy as it sounds, we only put a car in it once), a shed, and a greenhouse.

That’s a lot of stuff.

Yes, we’ll have a storage shed on the property—my husband is a whiz at packing those—and I’m not going to get rid of any family pieces or heirlooms or all of the memorabilia. I have limits, after all.

And I’m not going to go crazy, either. We do have to live here for the next couple years, according to our plan, and we’d like to still enjoy it. Looking around the house, I can see a ton of stuff that we won’t take with us, or store, when the time comes:

Three desktop computers and one laptop—I’m not counting the kid’s stuff, ‘cause that’s his and he’ll take it off to college. Everything will go onto one computer, the newest one, although we may have upgraded by then, so . . . Point is, we don’t need that many! Most of the other equipment here in the office will stay, too, except: the bookcases.

Here’s where we get serious. Okay, *I* get serious—can I consolidate and make do with just three? Or maybe five . . . this is gonna be tough. Five of the bookcases in my office are ancient. Not antique, just old prefab furniture. Goodbye!

Let’s look at the living room: it’s L-shaped, with three main areas. And they’re pretty full. Hmm, let me think. Tiny house. Uh oh. Naturally, Grandma’s electric organ will come with us . . . and a couple things to sit on . . . this is really going to get interesting.

I mean, how do you get rid of things you’ve had in your house, like, forever? Some of these things I “inherited” from Mom. She always cracks a joke about déjà vu when she’s here, since it really does resemble her old place, with the tea cart, the curio cabinet, and some of my childhood furniture, kids’ stuff that we have here for the grandkids. Of course, part of this exercise will be thinking ahead: in two years, the grandkids will be 9, 6, and 5. Unless we have more by then . . .

Anyway, moving on: dining room, actually kinda/sorta part of the living room. Big table. Huh. No room for that. We’ll move in the old Ethan Allen table we use on the patio—also once my mom’s. But the china cabinet? Probably not. Antique sideboard? Definitely. Kitchen? Yikes.

I haven’t even mentioned the bedrooms or closets—most of the items in the garage and outbuildings will be going with us, of course, tools and such, but just for fun I looked up the dimensions of this house:

The living/dining area alone is 800 square feet. I’m trying to imagine everything put into that space and well, this is definitely going to be a challenge. Yeah, challenge. Might be the understatement of the century.

The point is that we’re going to SELL, SELL, SELL! Starting soon, more than likely. This is gonna take a while . . . First step, the garage. And in the spirit of that little adventure, here’s a link:


In case, you know, you want to be adventurous too!

6 comments on “Prep Monday—Sell, Sell, Sell!

  1. Wow,Robin, that’s going to be a challenge, especially where prized heirloom furniture may be a factor. THAT is a tough challenge for anyone becoming ‘more practical’. I would probably get rid of the old electric organ, modern electronic keyboards are much nicer sounding. This coming from me, someone who has my mom’s 1890’s almost unplayable, and weighs a TON… uh…huh. No matter, I can clearly sympathize…but you can do it! “:D


  2. conny1109 says:

    Think before you sell, I went through it a couple of times too and you might come to regret some things.
    I wish I could buy some books off you, but if you’re not shipping, then that’s a problem. I can’t very well come to St. Louis.


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