Prep Monday—A Very Hard Thing

Downsizing. We all talk about it, everyone seems to think it’s a good thing . . . But it’s NOT EASY.


Bookstore surplus aside, I’m cutting back from nine bookshelves to five. Heh. Nine to five. But which books??? Sure, the old textbooks can go—who was I kidding when I kept some of those? And most of the antique books will be sold anyway, some are already on Ebay.


I do have a lot of sentimental things laying around here, too. And those will have to come with us. They may be used, many are being used now, but some, yes, will have to be stored. Sorry, not getting rid of them—the kids may want them someday, or not. Won’t be MY problem, right?


Sadly, it’s my problem right now. There are tons of things in the garage that came from the family farm—some can be used, but some . . . I just don’t know. Might be a while before I can go through it all. Yikes. The kids have things here too, come and get ‘em!


Clothes are easy, even shoes—I’m not a shoe junkie. Oh, I see them and like them, in ads, in the stores, but I rarely buy them. Unless they’re boots. Okay, maybe I have a slight issue . . . But boots are USEFUL!


The kitchen is going to be real problem. Sure, I have things there that I don’t use often, but I DO use them. Sigh. I have a lot of cabinets. A lot. And the china cabinet and antique sideboard? This house won’t have a dining room . . . that means the Mexican pine dining room table and the chairs that Dennis made will have to go too. Unless—hey, wait a minute! Maybe we could enclose the patio for a dining room? Genius!


So, you see, this is a project. Huge. We’re already starting to sell off a few things, piecemeal, but have pretty much decided—gulp—that a garage sale is in order. Oh, dear. Last one was, um, about seven years ago. That’s about how long it takes me to recover from one. And I’ve never made more than a few dollars. Sigh.


Well, here goes: coming May 24, BIG SALE! And I hope you all come—okay, okay, some of you might find the trip a bit of a distance and all . . . Well, wish us luck! Two years’ planning isn’t too much, I’m thinking, although at this point I could be ready a lot sooner. A lot.






10 comments on “Prep Monday—A Very Hard Thing

  1. We “downsized” in the past two years. We were planning to sell the house and move to a sailboat, head for the Caribbean and never look back. We trashed things we’d had for 36 years stored in boxes. We sold things we didn’t need. We ripped out carpets and remodeled the house, got rid of everything except a bedroom set, some dishes and some of our survival gear and radio gear (we’re ham radio operators).

    In January she was diagnosed with cancer. We had to take the house off the market, back up and re-think things. She’s going through chemo, losing her beautiful hair and we’d gotten rid of nearly 10,000 books (No joke, her passion is books).

    Honestly, it was difficult to get rid of “things”, but we don’t miss them. She misses her hair. I miss her smiles, because she is sad all the time now. But I can still make her smile with some chocolate, or when I sneak a kiss in front of the grand kids.

    What we miss the most is the ability to retire. That’s been taken from us for a time.

    On the bright side – when she’s through the chemo in a few more months, and her medical condition warrants it, we are still going to sell the house, we have a garden this summer (I’ve been planting in containers), we’ll have almost nothing to get rid of when the time comes and we’re still planning that trip around the world in a sailboat. Oh – and her hair will grow back.

    American Patriot


  2. Even if I lived down the road, I’d avoid that sale because we’re down sizing too, also planning a move to a house with less space…unless you want to trade your old stuff for my old stuff.


  3. The thought of getting ready for a yard sale puts me in a state of panic.


  4. authormjlogan says:

    I mentioned downsizing the other day and Marg agreed, saying, “yep, we’ll downsize from 1800 sq feet to 2400. All on one level.”

    Isn’t it great when couples agree?


  5. Robin, somebody always has a use for “stuff’. One man’s junk, another man”s treasure and all that. That aside, it’s painful to downsize, no doubt about it. Good luck with that garage sale, treasures flying out the door…*sigh


  6. melindaclayton says:

    I used to do garage sales until I figured out it was a lot simpler to drop it off at multiple thrift stores, gather receipts, and use it all as a tax deduction. I swear we came out ahead financially that way, and I didn’t have the headache of a garage sale.


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