Prep Monday—Dealing with Illness and Injury

We always seem to think we’re ready for just about anything. Those of you who are, like me, “of a certain age,” probably have the emergency prep down to a science, right? Or do you?


I got caught by surprise yesterday.


First, my son got one of his usual nosebleeds, albeit a little heavier than is typical. And then, HIS EYE WAS BLEEDING!


Yikes—this is something I’ve never seen and it was more than a wee bit frightening. See, there’s a tear duct that usually drains downward but, in some people, it can also go in reverse. Apparently, he is “some people.”


I called a friend, who reminded me of this tear duct, and then I called the doctor. Had to leave a message, natch. The ER was SO NOT HELPFUL. Fortunately, the doc’s office called right back, said it was uncommon but not unheard of, and we got an appointment for early afternoon.


And yes, everything’s fine.


But what if there was no one to call?


Well, after the initial shock, and of course in retrospect, I’m sure my practical side would have taken over and everything would still be fine. Unless it was a major issue, and in that case, well, you don’t really want to think too hard about that because really, who among us would be up for eye surgery?


The point is that, well, in a SHTF situation, some things just aren’t going to be doable. And it’s probably a good idea to accept that right now.


The second thing, yesterday, was that my puppy decided to tear up my shoe. With my foot inside it. And yes, I was wearing crocs, it was hot, we were outside on the patio. Crocs have holes. The shoe if fine. My toe is not.


In spite of my supplies, stored mostly in the garage, and, for some reason, two boxes of Bandaids in the house, in two different places; we are stone cold out of antibiotic cream in an accessible place in the house. No, I don’t have loaded first aid kit in the bathroom—do you? Like most people, I think, I have a few odds and ends, rarely used, in the bathroom, a kitchen cabinet, etc.


And yeah, some of those things are leftovers from hospital stays anywhere from one to five years ago . . .


Anyway, after I hobbled inside and mopped up the blood trail, I washed my foot and stuck on a couple Bandaids. Damn thing hurt all night, in spite of ice and propping it up. Much better after removing the Bandaids when the bleeding finally stopped, and even better after Advil.


Today, I think I’m gonna live.


The point here is that, no matter how much you’re prepared for SHTF, don’t forget to ALSO be prepared for the little things that do crop up from time to time. No antibiotic cream is not a huge thing—someday we may all run out—but you can still wash and bandage, and, of course, pick some up the next time you’re at the store.


NOTE: Yes, you can use other things, like honey, or make your own antibiotic cream using herbs and oils. And right now, I have honey on my foot. Not as glamorous as it sounds, believe me!



3 comments on “Prep Monday—Dealing with Illness and Injury

  1. Especially when the ants find it “:) ABP…’always be prepared’ .the old boy scout motto comes to mind. Hope the toe gets better soon, Robin “:)


  2. Joyce says:

    The only time I’d heard of bleeding from the eyes is in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. “I could be bleeding out of my eyeballs and my parents would still make me go to school.” I’m glad the son’s okay, and hopefully you are, too, Ms. Sweet Feet.


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