Writer Wednesday—Finding the Right Time

I have a confession: I have one really, really bad habit. (Okay, I have several, shut up, that’s not the point.) My really, really bad habit is that I like to write straight through the WIP, start to finish.

Oh, I stop to eat, sort of, and to sleep. That’s a necessity. And, well, a few other necessities too! But for the most part, I don’t want to start a project unless I can ALSO finish it.

Let me try to explain. I look at my calendar and my to-do list and realize that there is NO TIME to write a book, not if I’m going to use this method. This is why, boys and girls, I wrote the second and third books in the REDUCED series in a matter of weeks. I knew the beginnings and the ends, and I just had to fill in the middle. Sometimes, yes, the rumor is true, I work backwards. Not for an entire novel, but part of it.

Anyway, this is why REPEAT hasn’t yet been put down on paper—I’m sure it’s in my head, somewhere. And it will claw its way out sooner or later, so be patient.

But even that is not the point of today’s post.

“Experts” will tell you how to schedule your writing time. Ignore them. Better yet, try their suggestions and THEN ignore them. Nothing is 100% for everyone. Some people work best in the morning, early morning even [shudder], and some work best at night. Some writers work all day long, at writing, not a day job.

I can’t write first thing, I’m too busy drinking coffee and doing promo and marketing. And making my daily list. I can’t write at night, because I’m sleepy. Sadly, writing is not my day job—it’s publishing, and I have authors who depend on me.

Not to mention the husband, the kid, the other kids, the daily stuff, the housework, etc., etc. Ugh.

So this is how I write a book:

  1. I get the idea.
  2. I make some notes.
  3. I get all caught up on the regular stuff.
  4. I forget that I made notes, but realize the important stuff is still floating around in my head.
  5. I write the book, ignoring the husband, the kid, the other kids, the daily stuff, the housework.
  6. When I come up for air, I find those notes.
  7. Yep, the important stuff was in my head all along.

Now, I still do the taking-care-of-myself parts, and I still sleep. Sleep is good! But I can literally think and type for hours at a time. Maybe next time I’ll figure out how many hours a book takes . . . or not. Can’t stop for anything, really, it just come out, like word vomit.

And yes, the experts will tell you to just write and do your editing later. Phhhht. I edit as I go. If a sentence isn’t right, it’s fixed. Well, except for the ones I missed! I do, of course, go over it again later, but I don’t wait months. Maybe days. A day? Never really timed it because—it doesn’t matter.

Write how you want, whenever you want. It’s YOUR book.


3 comments on “Writer Wednesday—Finding the Right Time

  1. Bingo. Well said, Robin. NO formula, schedule or “forced labor” can EVER produce a book. At least not a GOOD one. It takes time, thought, creativity, dedication, trusting the muse, and fitting it INTO whatever schedule is the norm. Great post!


  2. paws4puzzles says:

    Reblogged this on Paws4Thought and commented:
    Write what ever way works for you!


  3. Margo Dill says:

    This is awesome. I can’t ignore the kid yet–she can’t reach some of the food she would need to eat, but. . .yes, this is great. And really what I love about this is to STOP LISTENING TO WHAT YOU SHOULD DO, and do what works for you and your writing process/career!


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