RHP—Upcoming Titles

Our most recent release, A KISS IN THE RAIN by Dacia Wilkinson, is coming out this week in paperback:

KissintheRain-1 (4)

First love, lost love . . .

Sent away in disgrace, heartbroken, Danielle struggles to make a new life with her young daughter. When she finally returns to her hometown, she must cope with new challenges while contending with childhood memories. Her fear prevents her from reaching out to those she loves, but a bright new world awaits—if only she can find the courage to accept it.

A story of love, faith, and friendship, A Kiss in the Rain will touch your heart and your soul . . . 

AND, of course, you can get it on Kindle right now!

But next up is Raymond Kukkee’s lit-fic novel, THE FIRES OF WATERLAND. No cover art yet, but do check back here next week. Meanwhile:

Twists, turns, and secrets abound in this fictional story of a small town gone to seed. The tale is told from the viewpoint of Fletcher, looking back to what some would consider the good ol’ days, but that’s not the case with Fletcher. There was one bright spot in his younger years, his friend Livvy, and even she’s gone now.

Also this month, Jeff Scoggin (ELF: OFF THE SHELF and HOW TUFFY GOT HIS BARK) has a new children’s book coming out, A HOME FOR BELLA. Here’s Bella:


And last, for the month of June, LILY, by Conny Manero (DEBBIE). LILY will take you into the terror of South African apartheid as she fights for her life and that of her son.

As always, more great books coming up from Rocking Horse Publishing!




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  1. Wonderful! Thanks, Robin! “:)


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